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How to clean reflective clothing or work clothes with reflective strips

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或者带反光条的衣服不知道该如何正确的清洗,现在让我来带你了解一下如何清洗反光衣: Many people don't know how to clean reflective clothing or clothes with reflective strips. Let me show you how to clean reflective clothing:
1. Wipe a little mud, stains with a soft cloth moistened with water.
2.If you really need to clean, use a neutral detergent (remember not to use alkaline detergents such as washing powder, soap, etc.
It is best to use a neutral detergent, if you are not sure about the nature of the solution, you can use a bath or shampoo instead (these are generally neutral)
3.Clean water not more than 30 °, soak for less than 5 minutes (not soak for a long time, hand washing is recommended)
4. Wipe and clean the dirty parts with a soft cloth
5. Please use rinsing (bleachable, detergent containing "chlorine" has a strong bleaching effect and is easy to damage clothes)
6. Dry in the shade
7.The temperature of the soleplate does not exceed 150 degrees (can be ironed at medium temperature, and a steam iron can be used)
8. Separation washing: wash clothes of different colors separately to prevent staining

Incorrect cleaning method:
1.After general cleaning, please don't wring hard by hand;
2.Do not rub hard, it will reduce the reflection effect;
3. Do not expose to the sun after washing;
4. Do not machine wash. Machine washing will cause the reflective beads on the reflective strip to fall off, affecting the reflective effect.
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