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Five popular reflective fabrics for Xinghua in 2019!

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Five popular reflective fabrics for Xinghua 2019

As a veteran domestic manufacturer of reflective cloth, Xinghua Reflective has more than 15 years of production experience, and displays the company's latest reflective fabrics at major domestic and foreign exhibitions every year. Xinghua Reflective Fabric has passed EN 20471, ANSI 107, OEKO Tex 100 certification, and has a good reputation in the global market.

The five most popular reflective fabrics for 2019:

Top1: printed reflective fabric

Reflective printing is a patented technology independently developed by Xinghua. Compared with conventional reflective cloth, printed reflective cloth has high reflectivity, strong air permeability, beautiful appearance, customizable patterns, can be applied to a variety of base fabrics, and has good washing durability. Both are applicable. At the exhibition, Xinghua showed many products made with printed fabrics, such as outdoor jackets, backpacks, casual pants, hats, etc. Many visitors have expressed great interest in this product.

Top2: soft body fabric

Nowadays, more and more sports brands have introduced reflective fabrics into their premium collections. Full reflective jackets made of reflective fabrics are sought after by countless young people. Reflectivity is a new trend for young people. However, traditional reflective fabrics pay more attention to function and neglect comfort. But Xinghua CSR-H002 is a soft reflective fabric, designed for reflective jackets. CSR-H002 has the advantages of high reflection, light weight, super softness, and excellent hand feeling. Many famous brand designers are fascinated by the new features of CSR-H002.

Top3: colorful reflective cloth

Colorful reflective cloth is the new trend of reflective materials. Bright as the name suggests is that when there is light shining, it will reflect a neon-like colorful effect. Compared with ordinary reflective fabrics that can only reflect monotonous white light, colorful reflective fabrics can capture the eyes of the younger generation. In addition to fabrics, Xinghua Reflective also applies colorful effects to different materials, such as chemical fiber, T / C, thermal film, etc. to meet different customer applications and requirements.

Top4: waterproof reflective cloth

When it rains, the light conditions are not good, and blurred vision can easily cause traffic accidents, so "seeing" has become the key to self-safety protection. That's why reflective cloth is so popular on rain gear, rain caps and other rain gear. For some outdoor enthusiasts, in addition to visibility in rainy outdoor activities, they also need to meet the requirements of waterproofing. However, conventional reflective fabrics do not have good water resistance. If there is some wrinkles on the fabric, rainwater will penetrate. Therefore, Xinghua has developed a waterproof coating to solve this problem. Currently, the reflective cloth can reach 5000mm +, which is the main fabric for making reflective raincoats.

Top5: elastic reflective cloth

Xinghua elastic reflective cloth not only has good reflective performance, but also has excellent ductility, which can be applied to various elastic fabrics. Even if the fabric is stretched, it will not cause the reflective surface to crack. The use of elastic reflective cloth in sports products is also becoming more and more widespread. A top glove brand designer said that this year they used stretch reflective cloth on sports gloves in large areas, and gloves with reflective elements sold better than last year.

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